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City Vet was founded in 1991 and has been looking after and treating pets in the Limerick area since.

Dentistry at
City Vet

Did you know approximately 95% of dogs and cats over 3 years of age have some degree of periodontal disease which is the major cause of tooth loss.

Essential Care in
City Vet

Neutering is a safe way of controlling your pets breeding. City Vet recommends all female pets are spayed and all males neutered.

Senior Pets at
City Vet

Frequent health checks will help identify issues that may otherwise go unnoticed and make sure that all your pet’s healthcare needs are being...

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Our Services

Vaccinations & Treatments

Promote good health. Prevent ill-health.


It’s nicer to neuter.


Pets need their teeth cleaned too!

Older Pet Health Care

Extend the lifespan of your pet.


About CityVet

City Vet welcomes you, your family, and your pets to our website. City Vet was founded in 1991 and has been looking after and treating pets in the Limerick area since.

The practice is now located in a hospital facility on Lord Edward Street where the caring and experienced vets and nurses cater for your pet’s veterinary needs.

All of our staff are trained to a very high standard and are dedicated to the well-being of our patients. Our patients’ health and comfort is very important to us and it is our mission to ensure that you and your pet’s visit to City Vet is as pleasant as possible.

Excellence in Quality


Joanne Sheedy

“By far the best vet in Limerick. Donal, Gwen and all the staff have gone over and above the call of duty with their kindness, veterinary skills and knowledge and went a long way to giving my beloved pet a much better life, and us peace of mind and happiness with him.”

Susanne Whiteman

“Thank you to Donal at City Vet  who came out in response to an emergency phone call on a Sunday morning, as we had found our hamster snowball lying outside of her bed, shaking, struggling to breathe and quite cold. He was brilliant, and after a thorough check over and two injections, it seems she had a flu and chill. She recovered quickly with some anti-biotics. She’s only small but massively important when you have kids! I would highly recommend the service as we were struggling to find out where to go with most places closed.”

Milena Christankova Burns

“The three amigos are now in Atlanta! We all wanted to thank you for the attention and care you provided in the last 18 months! Donal is the best vet we have ever had!”

Fr Gerard Norton op, PhD

“Donal and team gave my little dog comfort and enjoyment in the last year of his life, when I moved to Limerick. They advised me well, and, and were always supportive of the decisions to be made. A very good experience, even in the sad context of losing my dog – friend of fifteen years.”